A Hello and Introduction to SCBTP

Hello there,

My name is Duncan, and I run the Sierra County Big Trees Project.  As of Late September, 2015, this project has been ongoing since June.  Since I have yet to create any posts to update the watchers of this site (if there are any), I shall make a bunch of posts to document what has happened in the several months between its inception and this post.  Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and please, take a look around. Also, if you would like to contact me by eMail with info, historical photos or other such things then please sent stuff to me at Duncan(at)Mainecoon.com. Please replace (at) with @, as this was done to thwart spammers.




One thought on “A Hello and Introduction to SCBTP

  1. Mike Warner

    Hi Duncan, Great to find your giant tree blog. I recall meeting the Harnachs at an art class at SNFC a few years back.loved reading about all your large tree finding adventures in and around Sierra Co. I sometimes take walks in the red fir forests and take along a tape measure. Thank you for sharing your adventure and discovery stories. I go up to Sierra Co. often and each time I go I like to discover new places along the route. Taking classes at the SNFC is also rewarding. My place is nextdoor to Big Springs and I love photography and art and botany and snow adventures. If I find any new Giants I’ll let you know. I think the biggest tree I ever saw up there was on a cross country walk to Dead Mans Lake.


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