The “Across the street” expedition

Hello all,

Today I went tree hunting in a grove of big trees across the street from where I live.  The area is private property, so ask first.  From a distance (my front porch) I had seen large crowns, but I was uncertain of how big the trees actually were.  So I went out to look.  The first tree I came to was the largest of the bunch, and the third largest known Ponderosa Pine in the county.  It was 17′ 3″ CBH, or a DBH of 5.53′.  It was previously measured by me (almost a month ago on my first expedition) using a clinometer for the Tangent method.  The problem with this method is that it makes the (obviously erroneous) assumption that the top is directly over the base.  The Tangent measurement was 83.4′ in height, but my new Nikon Forestry Pro laser rangefinder debunked that height and measured it out at 134.0′.  The Nikon Forestry Pro uses a Sine-based height routine and is accurate within one foot or less of the actual height.

Then I measured the other two largest in the grove.  One measured out at 15′ 8″ CBH and 132.0′ tall, and the other was 14′ 4″ CBH and 130.0′ tall.  Afterwards I got back on my bike to head home, but not before taking a picture of the bulls chewing their cud within 70 feet of me-and there were no fences between me and the bulls while I was measuring.  Yikes!  Now for the photos:

The Nervino Giant with my backpack for scale
The Nervino Pine #2 with a 5-foot ladder for scale (the ladder was there first)
The third Ponderosa with my pack for scale
Handsome and he knows it.



2 thoughts on “The “Across the street” expedition

  1. Robert van Pelt

    Duncan you rock!

    I first started measuring trees in 1979, and it has been a passion of mine ever since.

    Keep it up!
    – Robert Van Pelt


    1. Robert,

      It kind of gave me the jitters when I opened the automated email that told me that you had commented. Currently, Michael Taylor and I are planning more expeditions in the Spring, including one to the Hartmans Bar Tree, described in your book “Forest Giants” (which I have a copy of thanks to Michael).

      I hope to see you out in the forest someday,

      – Duncan


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