The local Big Tree Register

Hello all,

Happy 2016!  May your new year be quite fine.  To start off 2016, I’ve decided to embark on something ambitious.  I am going to launch a big tree register; similar to the ones at the state and national levels that gauge tree size by a points system.  Sierra County Big Trees will continue to measure and document this year and for some time to come.  Last year was a rip-roaring success, and this year looks even more fantastic.

Since I’ve got some down time this winter, I’ll begin organizing the register.  A website now exists, but there won’t be anything on it for a while.  Sierra County Big Trees will still be the main site, and will be where all the trip reports and such are posted.  I’m in the process of designing a nomination form that will be downloadable from the other site.  I will also write articles explaining the measurements – Circumference, Height, Crown Spread and Volume.  The new Register will also have something in common with the Washington State, British Columbia and Great Britain registers – all list not just the points champ, but also the height, crown, diameter and volume champs.

Anyway, Happy Holidays and New Year.




3 thoughts on “The local Big Tree Register

  1. Darla DeRuiter

    Hi Duncan – have you considered making a table to compile the data you are collecting? It could show species, location, height, DBH, crown size, etc. Maybe you’re already doing this?


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