The Chrysolepis Expedition : A Chestnut and two Live Oaks

Hello all,

I’m going to recount to all of you yesterday’s expedition.  On January 16th, 2016, we headed down the Yuba River Canyon to the Cal-Ida Campground in Indian Valley, to look at some big hardwoods.  The first tree measured was a Chestnut that was probably planted between 1855 and 1870.  To be honest, the Chestnut was actually two trees.  The larger trunk was 10′ 3″ CBH and 54.77′ H.  The other, a leaning trunk, was 46.09′ H and 9′ 7.5″ CBH.  The day was starting to look a little like a flop, but then in another part of the campground I spotted a Canyon Live Oak that was ENORMOUS!  At 24′ 1″ CBH and 76. 86′ H, it was the largest tree of the day.  Afterwards, we bid Grandma and Grandpa’s friends Robyn, Arlo, Bill and Rodger adieu, and then travelled up Highway 49 a few more miles to Depot Hill.  There we measured another Live Oak in the pouring rain.  The tree was 17′ 10″ CBH.  The circumference had to be measured by Grandpa and I while holding on to ropes attached to the back of the car.  The slope was incredibly steep.  We didn’t get a height measurement either, because at that point the rain increased in intensity.  Then we headed back towards Calpine, absolutely soaked.

Now for the photos, courtesy of both myself and Grandpa.


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