The Tallest known Lodgepole Pine in the world

Hello all,

Today I got the chance to head over to the other side of Calpine Pass, to a Lodgepole Pine ( Pinus contorta var murrayana) Grove that CA-89 cuts right through the heart of.  This forest contains many very tall Lodgepole Pines, including one that I measured today that is now the tallest known Sierra Lodgepole Pine in the world!  The tree measures 131.10′ tall, and 8′ 4″ CBH.  Next to it is another very tall Lodgepole (didn’t measure the height), with a CBH of 10′ 11″.  Afterwards, Grandpa noticed a very big White Fir snag up the hill.  It is 14′ 3″ CBH.

It really delights me to have a world record under my belt now.  Photos courtesy of Bill Harnach.


I found out on 1/28/16 that the tree ISN’T the world’s tallest.  According to Arkansas Big Tree hunter Jess Riddle, he measured two 147′ Lodgepoles and a 150′ Lodgepole in the Bucks Lake Wilderness a few years ago.  However, this still means that the four tallest Sierra Lodgepole Pines are all in the Plumas National Forest.  A little disappointing, but I still believe I will find the tallest in not too long.



2 thoughts on “The Tallest known Lodgepole Pine in the world

  1. gail diane

    Hey Duncan, I know it’s not the biggest, and I don’t know what kind of tree it is, but have you ever seen the large tree in front of the Quincy Library? It’s a different very large tree that just sits quietly with an organized circular arrangement of limbs all around the tree and seems unlike other trees. I noticed how different it was the other day. If you want in the next day or so I can take a picture and send it to you if you give me your email address. I’m gail from Meadow Valley and I know your mom and dad, so say hi to them from me.


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