Two Big Trees and a Kind Old Gentleman: Cy and the Live Oak

Hello all,

First post in some time!  But boy, do I have a treat for you all or what?

Anyway, today Mom and I traveled to Goodyears’ Bar to meet Cy Rollins, an old-timer who knows pretty much every big tree in the area.  Some of the trees he knows have me salivating right now!  But anyway, our first stop after finally tracking him down was a Live Oak between Goodyears’ Bar and Downieville.  To access this tree, a uphill hike with some poison oak was necessary.  But boy, was it worth it!  The Live Oak measured 8.80′ DBH, 27′ 8″ CBH, and 57.21′ H.  After that tree, the next stop was a Ponderosa Pine on the back of Cy’s property.  It measured 6.07′ DBH, 19′ 1″ CBH, and 203.39′ H.  Both trees were extremely impressive, and I am SO ready to see more of these trees.  Now, for photos.



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