A true champion: The new largest Mountain Mahogany

Hello all,

Yesterday may grandfather and I met local resident John Preschutti.  Our destination was a huge Mountain Mahogany that John found on a talus slope about 10 years ago.  He took us down a long and rough dirt road, and we parked at the base of a draw near Table Mountain.  The hike was a mere 1/4 mile – AKA the roughest 1/4 mile ever!  It was mildly hot, and the hike was up a steep, rocky hill that was covered with invasive cheatgrass.  However, at the top we found a gigantic tree, which was the same tree from John’s memory.  It measured 12’0″ CBH – colossal for a Mountain Mahogany, 22′ tall, and 36′ of Crown Spread.  The final American Forest Association Point total was 175 Points – the largest ever recorded!

We hiked back down, and headed home, while Grandpa proposed a press release.

Now for the photos, courtesy of John Preschutti and myself.




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