Stoutest Listing


This page is a listing of the top 10 or 20 stoutest trees we have found.  It will be updated regularly, i.e after every measurement.  Minimum CBH to make it onto the list is 18’0″

#1:  Milepost 14 Oak, Canyon Live Oak.  Discovered by Cy Rollins.  27′ 8″ CBH, 57.21′ H.

#2:  Collins Pine, Ponderosa Pine.  One of the few 8 foot+ Ponderosas alive.  26′ 3.5″ CBH, 147.00′ H.  Volume 4,327.43 cubic feet.

#3:  McMahon Monster, Sugar Pine.  Massive buttress.  25’11” CBH, 200′ H.

#3:  Milsap Monster, Ponderosa Pine.  Huge buttress, and a debris pile that is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.  25’11” CBH, ~190′ H.  Volume is over 4,200 cubic feet.

#4:  Grandfather Giant, Sugar Pine, possibly largest living pine in the world.  25′ 0″ CBH, 203.38′ H.

#5:  Sardine Juniper, Western Juniper.  Replacement tree in case Bennett falls off register.  24’3″ CBH, 89.01′ H.

#6:  Douglas’ Beast, Douglas-Fir.  HUGE, with slow taper.  24’2″ CBH, Unknown H.

#7:  Cal-Ida Oak, Canyon Live Oak.  Possible fusion, in Cal-Ida Campground.  24′ 1″ CBH, 76.86′ H.

#8:  Mr. Jordan’s Colossus, Sugar Pine.  First appeared in 1890s-era photo.  CBH 23’1″, unknown H.

#8:  Lumpkin Pumpkin, Ponderosa Pine.  Near Lumpkin Lunker.  23’1″ CBH, 176′ H.  Volume 4,096.64 cubic feet.

#9:  Giant of Calpine, Sugar Pine, also very large pine.  22′ 4″ CBH, 178.66′ H.

#10:  Lumpkin Lunker, Ponderosa Pine.  Near Lumpkin Pumpkin.  22’3″ CBH, 181′ H.  Volume 4,277.43 cubic feet.

#11:  Chuck Hardesty Tree, Douglas-Fir.  Named for the scaler that saved it from logging.  22′ 0″ CBH, 212.77′ H.

#12:  Too Massive, Sugar Pine.  Slow taper, McMahon Mine.  21’10” CBH, unknown H.

#13:  Pinky Copren Fir, Douglas-Fir.  Has Golden Eagle nest in top.  21′ 9″ CBH, 141.87′ H.

#14: El Decapitato, Red Fir.  Broken top, dozens of epicormic sprouts.  21′ 3″ CBH, 102.10′ H.

#15:  Canyon Creek King, Sugar Pine.  At McMahon Mine.  21’0″ CBH, unknown H.

#16:  Sir Monty Cola, Western White Pine.  On SPI land, may end up being logged.  20′
3″ CBH, 97.62′ H.

#17:  Gold Lodge Pine, Jeffrey Pine.  Near Gold Lake Lodge parking lot.  Height 157′, 20′ 0″ CBH.

#17:  Arctic Mine Tree, Jeffrey Pine.  Grows with another 18′ tree and a 14′ tree.  20’0″ CBH, 152′ H.

#18:  Cat Face Ponderosa, Ponderosa Pine.  On private land in Goodyears’ Bar.  19’1″ CBH, 203.39′ H.

#19:  Pond E. Rosa, Ponderosa Pine.  McMahon’s largest known Pondy.  18’11” CBH, unknown H.

#20:  My Neighbor Jeffrey, Jeffrey Pine.  Grows at Arctic Mine.  134′ H, 18’9″ CBH

#21:  Pasquetti Park Cedar, Incense-Cedar.  Burnt hollow in base.  18′ 6″ CBH, 218.12′ H.

#22:  Tyrannosaur Gulch Monarch, Ponderosa Pine.  Off Highway 70.  18′ 4″ CBH, 166.68′ H.

#22:  Lincoln Ridge Tree, Jeffrey Pine.  On ridgetop near Yuba Pass.  18’4″ CBH, unknown H.

#23:  Penman Peak Tree, Jeffrey Pine.  Near Park-and-Ride, on private land.  18′ 3″ CBH, unknown H.

#24:  Alder Thicket Tree, Ponderosa Pine.  In vicinity of numbers 5, 12, 15 and 16(1).  18’0″ CBH, unknown H.

Unmeasured but known of:

#4:  Hartman’s Bar Tree, Ponderosa Pine.  On Middle Fork of Feather River near Bucks’ Lake.  Former National Champion.  24’5″ CBH and 227′ H.  Measurements courtesy of Robert Van Pelt, as of 1998.

#6:  Child’s Meadow Monarch, Ponderosa Pine.  On borderline between Child’s Meadow Resort and Lassen Nat’l Forest.  Measurements by Michael Taylor.  22′ 11″ CBH, 184′ H.


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