Tallest Listing


This page is a listing of the top 10 or 20 tallest trees we have found.  It will be updated regularly, i.e after every measurement.  Minimum height allowed to make it onto this list is 150′

#1:  Chuck Hardesty Tree, Douglas-Fir.  H. 212.77′, CBH 22’0″.

#2:  Cat Face Ponderosa, Ponderosa Pine.  Private land, Goodyears’ Bar.  H. 203.39′, CBH 19’1″

#3:  Grandfather Giant, Sugar Pine.  H. 203.38′, CBH 25’0″

#4: McMahon Monster, Sugar Pine.  H. 200.0′, CBH 25’11”

#5:  King Pond, Ponderosa Pine.  CBH 17’10”.  H. 193.0′

#6:  Giant of Calpine, Sugar Pine.  H. 178.66′, CBH 22’4″


Known of but unmeasured:

#1:  Hartman’s Bar Tree, Ponderosa Pine.  On Middle Fork of Feather River near Bucks’ Lake.  Former National Champion.  24’5″ CBH and 227′ H.  Measurements courtesy of Robert Van Pelt, as of 1998.

#6:  Child’s Meadow Monarch, Ponderosa Pine.  On borderline between Child’s Meadow Resort and Lassen Nat’l Forest.  Measurements by Michael Taylor.  22′ 11″ CBH, 184′ H.


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